A Carnivorous Plant Expert

David Fefferman is a carnivorous plant enthusiast and product manager at a tech company in Silicon Valley. He has combined his interests to create a great website for carnivorous plant enthusiasts, which covers information like how to grow Venus flytraps. Using a LOHA lens, David captures the up-close-and-personal world of his carnivorous plants, often documenting small, fascinating events - like the moment his sundew captured a crane fly.

Carnivorous Plant Photography

Carnivorous Plant Resource guides readers through the fascinating world of carnivorous plants. Readers delve into the inner workings of deadly traps and discover cultivation techniques for growing their own plants. The Carnivorous Plant Resource also hosts many galleries of photos all taken with LOHA products. Follow them on instagram @carnivorousplantresource.

David uses the LOHA 10x Macro Lens and the LOHA iPhone Flexible Tripod to take beautiful pictures of his carnivorous plants. In addition to a lightbox, David shows how effective a LOHA Lens and Tripod can be for product or meat-eating plant pictures. 

An iPhone, a LOHA Tripod, a LOHA Lens, and a Venus Fly Trap.

An iPhone, a LOHA Tripod, a LOHA Lens, and a Venus Fly Trap.

The Insect Eaters!

All photos are taken with the LOHA Lens.