LOHA - A Passion For Photography


Lights, Camera, LOHA!

At LOHA Life, we have big ambitions to make photography a hobby that everyone can afford. Our passion for photography led us to a question: how can an amateur photographer get started without spending thousands on cameras, lenses, filters, and all the other gear professionals take for granted? There had to be a way to engineer high-end-quality photography products without the high-end cost.

The first step in providing valuable photography products at affordable prices was to determine the most common reasons that amateur photographs tend to look, well, amateur. Blur and shake were the most common problems here, and that's where our line of flexible tripods and tripod adapters initially came from. We also have camera stabilizers coming soon that will make it even easier to take steady photos in any environment. We noted that one of the biggest problems with phone cameras is that their lenses can't take in enough light to provide professional-quality photos. And that's where the idea for our cell phone camera lens came. And we have tons more products in the pipeline, too!

The next step was to research a supply chain that would allow us to provide these products at a very high quality level for an affordable price. By working with responsible suppliers and experienced engineers, as well as testing literally hundreds of variations in all environmental conditions, we were able to build a line of high quality photography products that we can stand behind and offer top notch customer service, along with a lifetime warranty and money back guarantee that everyone can love!

So take a look at what we have to offer. We're confident that you can be a better photographer with LOHA.



Our story is helping you to tell your story.

Our tools help you share your story with the world. Every obstacle your overcome. Every trial you conquer. Every adventure you pursue. Stories are the most powerful tools we have. They define our perception of the world. They unite people to a common cause. They express our deepest joy or our most bitter sorrow. They reflect the depths of our human spirit. Photographs help us to make our stories more real, both for ourselves and for others.

We hope our customers share a lifetime of stories using LOHA products. Share your story on Instagram by tagging @lohalife, or please reach out and say hello if you need anything!